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USPc 9mm failure to eject question

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Ok went to the range brand new USP LEM light trigger. It was standard and I swapped out to light trigger spring and plated Sear spring. First 50 rounds through the gun I thought I would run factory ammo and then switch to reloads. 115 gr blazer is what the range had. First pull of trigger FTE. Cleared problem 2nd round ejected but barely cleared 3rd round FTE 4th round ejected but almost forward of the gun. I think you guys see the point was very sorry on reliability for all 50 rounds.

Ran my reloads 147gr flat nose blue bullets over 3.6 WST ran great no problems 100 rounds. Blazer seemed to be a lighter load and not cycling the slide back far enough.

Question I have is that when you rack the slide it seems to get hung up slightly on the hammer about 3/4 of the way back and it needs to almost go over a hump before it fully retracts the hammer.

Is this something I need to worry about or just run more ammo to let it smooth out. I usually have reloads not work correctly at first and factory ammo running with no problems.

Thanks for the help first post for me but have been a long time reader.
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Blazer is weak and may not run right until the recoil spring is broken in some. This is a common issue that is brought up at least once a week here.

The "hump" is on all LEM pistols. I think that is the point where the sear engages the cocking piece if I recall.

If you "need" Blazer to work ASAP you may consider switching to a 12lb hammer spring. It *may* solve the problem until the recoil spring gets broken in.
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