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USPc date code?

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I know how the HK date codes work but this is slightly different I think and I searched around and cant find the answer.

I bought a spare 10 round HK mag with finger extension for my USP 40c. On the bottom of the mag next to the .40c markings it says id in lower case. None of my other 40c mags say anything where this mark is. What does id mean? 1983?

I then was wondering what the date code on the USP 40c frame was. I took the slide off and saw at the top center of the frame just in front of the mag well it says ii in lowercase. This is the only "date code" markings I can find on the frame. Just so we are all on the same page this is an all numbers matching gun i bought new in 2000 and has the AA date code on the slide.

Were these frames made in 1988? Was the extra mag I bought made in 1983?

It doesn't make sense to me.
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