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USPc9 vs USPc.40 slide differences

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was just bored and broke my 9 and 40 compacts down and found that the 9mm more steel milled out of the inside of the slide than my .40 cal,I have noticed this on a few of my Glocks but never picked up on it before with my H&K's,wonder why they would not just leave the extra steel like the .40 has??
.40 cal is on top

prob already noticed but figured some pics might contribute to knowledge base here.
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The reason for the difference is because, that little space is where the schlockenheimer sits while the pistol is cycling. . .

Kinda surprised you didn't know that.
Oh and this whole time I thought the dinglelarm from the panametric fam was the reason for this space.....silly me ,of course thats where the schlockenheimer sits
glad to see the extra steel,I am wanting to snag a .357sig barrel .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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