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Here is my C93 clone with a UTG 3-12 Compact scope mounted on the rifle. It dose clear the cocking handle. Have had no problems holding zero on a 223. Cheek weld / eye alignment for the scope is good without a riser, but I have a Choate folder on now and you gain a little more height over the regular stock. The side focus was a big plus to get rid of parallax and the mil dot is correct at 10x for range and hold over. The 10 round MKE mag works great when shooting from a bench with a bag.

The are at Cheaper than Dirt for under $90 now.
2-UTGSCP3-UM312AOIEW - Leapers UTG 3-12x44mm Accushot 30mm SWAT Compact IE Scope, Illuminated 36 Color Mil-Dot Reticle, Side Adjustable Parallax, Matte Black Finish

I did have to trim a little on the back of the ring to allow the rear castle sight to not rub for mounting. The scope is too low to use Iron Sights with the scope on. The rings are a quick release style and really solid. I use UTG rings on my Savage 110 Tactical 308 bolt gun. I also had to shim the scope in the rear ring to give more vertical adjustment in the scope and it also keeps the magnifier ring from rubbing.

For the rail mount, I am using the "GSG MP5 mount" because it is already cut to mount in front of the rear sight.
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