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Vector 51P and Yankee Hill .30 cal can

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I understand that with the current locking piece the timing is all wrong to run the can on the Vector 51P. Would it function without harsh recoil by swapping out the pistol locking piece for the full size G3 locking piece to correct the timing issue. Please no therorists. I need a reply from some one who knows. Thanks. I also have a Vector 53P with the same problem. I see everyone with silencers at the shoots but true subsonic ammo is out due to flooted chamber.
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You see people running cans on 51's? I once ran a can on my v51. It ran great doing bursts for the first mag. When I went to do a dump of the second mag, the can blew up somewhere around 15 or 16 rounds into the mag. My can was not YHM. Let me know how that YHM works out for you.
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