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Vector, C93 value suprise

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Call this a rant or maybe just me talking out loud via a keyboard.

A few days ago I picked up an IGF built 33E, Vector receivered complete upper.
I had some key parts already in my parts pile and the addition of a few more from various well known online retailers completed the gun. I couple of full mags and I was off for a test fire for function. She ran great.
The transfering ffl seemed to show some interest in the gun and I've not seen any of the type ever grace the doors of the place. I had other buisness to tend to at the shop so I figured I'd take the freshly warmed rifle inside with me and let him have a gander at the completed project.
He and his helper looked. They oo'd, they ahh'd, they gave it their collective nod of approval and we moved on about our buisness.
Once another 4473 was filled out and a phone call made I brought up the gun and asked him what he thought it may be worth retail. Boy did I stick my head in a dark stinky place.

He said he could buy them from his supplier for around $475-500. In an instant I realized my error. He was using C93 pricing, not being aware in the least that this gun was something entirely different. He never once mentioned Vector though it's emblazened right on the side of the receiver. He never commented on the "IGF 33E" on the other side. Just C93, though it's nowhere on the gun, nor are the words Century.

It brought home something that I had forgotten and that's that not everyone knows about or appreciates a custom built weapon. To this poor guy this gun isn't in any way different from the C93's he can buy all day long for less than half of what this weapon would sell for right here on HKPro. With that revelation fresh in my mind I decided to hide my embarrassment and let the matter drop, knowing that if I tried to educate him about the gun I'd more likely come off sounding like some pompus ass that thinks he has something special that should be hailed as great and good. I didn't want to have that conversation and I certainly didn't want to insult the guy in front of his employee or other customers. He didn't do anything wrong, he just didn't know.

After a brief priceing conversation he mentioned considering putting a C93 in the store. I took that opportunity to give him some insight about the C93 and what to expect. To this, I think he was a bit suprised but he asked no questions about what I told him.

I wasn't insulted by his assumption that the IGF built gun was nothing more than a C93, I figure it was an honest mistake? But I did feel like a heel even bringing it up when I knew exactly what his response was likely to be. Had I thought about it for a few moments before I said anything I never would have asked him his opinion, knowing that more than likely he'd give the very answer that he did.
We are a small lot, those of us who put a premium on the weapons we do. Not everyone knows the value of these arms or even with thought would be likely to justify the cost. The next time I get giddy about one of my HK types I'll be sure to share it with fellow geeks and leave the non-believers out if it.
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I disagree. Obviously it's up to you to edjumacate him... he hasn't picked up any clue by hisself and nobody else has done the job. If you do a good job of it, you're only making a better dealer out of him. Leaving him ignorant isn't the solution. And truth be told, won't it make it more fun to converse with a local dealer who KNOWS what the hell is what?
I get the same problems with rare Mosins from time to time... had a dealer offer me $350 for an all original, all matching (even the bayonet was stamped matching), 1944 Tula PU sniper with a recycled 1943 receiver and a minty condition non-refurbished 1943 Yoshkar Ola scope because "I can get them snipers from Century for that price all day long. That one just looks prettier and has the wrong stamp on the scope".

It's hard not to be insulted, it's even harder not to sound like an absolute jackboot when explaining the situation to them. However, in a case like this where the quality of the products is so vastly different, it's worth trying to enlighten the dealers so they don't end up selling an inferior product to the unsuspecting customer and turning them off from HK pattern weapons permanently (which almost happened to me when I was younger and a dealer sold me a Century CETME, telling me that it was "everything good about the G3, but with the added bonus of a lower price tag". That burned me so bad I never wanted to touch another HK pattern weapon again, until my friend brought an original HK91 to the range, and explained that it wasn't the design, but the builder that was the problem)
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I agree that I should probably try and enlighten the guy. I've probably missed the best opportunity I had but like I said, at the time it didn't feel right. I'm not very diplomatic and might very well have come off sounding all high and mighty about it. I visit the shop often and will likely find another time to bring up the gun and at that time, after some thought and a fore warned mindset, I'll get into some detail and fill the guy in. I just need to be delicate about it. Some guys don't believe their customers could possibly be smarter than they are about anything and I don't want to offend the guy.
I agree with the other posters.. educate the duufus in your best professional manner.. many gun store clerks are just punching the clock and are not really gunners
... I don't want to offend the guy.
How well do you know the guy? Invite him out to a local Hooters or something for a bite after he closes or a few pitchers. Get to edjumacating after you lube him up a bit... damn, I gotta reveal all the secrets? He may end up being a REAL bud after a few times out socially... none of that hurts, ya know. Could be real beneficial for the wallet as well as making him a bit smarter. Spend a little now, get some later... you know how it works... :biggrin:
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