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Vector V93 Serial Numbers

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Just picked up a V93 with what appears to be a low serial number.
Is there any rhyme or reason to their numbering system, date of
manufacture, problems vs number range, etc? Any help would be greatly
appreciated. Have not shot it yet but it looks like a nice piece so far.
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I'm not sure but I have a v53p in sn#500 range and it runs great !
That's probably the next item on my must have list.

I have a V93 with a 05XX S/N that I got from Vector in 06. Runs great! Good bolt gap, US made barrel, Malyasian parts.
I finally got a chance to shoot mine the other day. 200 rounds and no issues.
I think I scored on this deal.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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