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Vector V93 Serial Numbers

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Just picked up a V93 with what appears to be a low serial number.
Is there any rhyme or reason to their numbering system, date of
manufacture, problems vs number range, etc? Any help would be greatly
appreciated. Have not shot it yet but it looks like a nice piece so far.
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Resurrecting an old thread as I am wondering the same thing.
Have two Vector rifles, UO22X and UA018X.
I emailed Vector to find out more this morning.
Well got a reply from Vector Arms,quite surprising on two counts.

The information for these are as follows:

First rifle serial number is UAO186 and the receiver is marked:
Vector Arms
Bntfl UT
V-93 cal 223

This V-93 Rifle was shipped from us on 1/3/2012 it is still under warranty.

Second rifle is UO228
Receiver is marked:
Vector Arms
V-93 cal 223

This V-93 receiver was shipped from us 10/14/2003. Looks as if it was shipped as a receiver only. It is not covered under warranty.
So,the rifle that looks new and is unfired is not a factory rifle and the receiver is almost ten years old and the one that looks used is still under warranty.

Even worse is,on impulse I put both rifles as well as a couple of other rifles up for sale,and someone has bought both...
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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