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Just read this article ==> TFB Review: Vortex Defender CCW Red Dot 3 MOA

they have a screw set for the VP9 OR
( per article)

  • M3x0.5 (9.8MM) Sig Sauer® P365XL
  • M4x0.7 (11MM) Canik® TP9SFX/TP9SC, Sig Sauer® P320 M17/M18/RXP, CZ P10® Series
  • M4x0.7 (9.8MM) Glock® MOS, Ruger® 57, Springfield Hellcat® Series, Mossberg MC2SC
  • 6-40 (9.8MM) FN-509® Series
  • 6-48 (9.03MM) H&K® VP9 Tactical OR, Kimber AEGIX/KHX Custom
  • 6-32 (10.8MM) Smith and Wesson® M&P 2.0

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I’d wait and see how it shakes out.

While most of their mRDS pistol sight are lacking, they have several things on deck for a while. Not sure if this is one of those things or another “meh” offering

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Quick shot of this on my VP9L. Meant to post a few days ago but got busy. I'm on the fence as to whether I like it enough in this config to run it permanently. If I had an VP9SK OR laying around I'd like to see them side-by-side.

It sits noticeably lower than say the Venom. Front post is almost 100% visible. Rear site is so high at that point that the dot can be obscured. Which is a thing that can happen in a lot of different setups it just felt more pronounced with the Defender.

Happy to take some more shots. Remodeling our nursery and putting new floors down so had to find a spot without tools laying around. :p
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