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VP40 2 Questions

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Google and parts sites so far have not been much help so I thought I would ask you experts. Fan of the USP's and have handful due to how modular they are, am trying to fine tune a VP40 (though I am really liking the thing so these are not needs, just "wants".

1. Are there parts to remove the ambi slide release so it's just for a righthanded person, the thin slide release on the other side catches a bit on my hybrid holster and I just don't really need that lever. (Only interested in a drop in or easy fix, any machining and I will live with it.)

2. Are there any +1 or added capacity bottoms for the VP40 mags, seems VP9's are all over the place.

Thanks experts.
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Thanks a ton, LOL, No, I will not be machining it off, not that big of deal.

Does anyone with a VP40 and a VP9 extended mag plate know the round count once installed, seems to me a +2 9mm would be a +1 40 and a +3 9mm would be a plus 2 40. I wonder why they don't give both round counts on HK parts sites?
i got some taylor freelances coming in ill put one on a vp40 mag and find out i am suspecting +3 for the 40 vs +5 for the 9
Thanks Buddy, That should tell me all I need to know.
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