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Truly nice ones are hard to find. By that, I mean NO scratches on the slide whatsoever, a box in good condition, including original green foam and cardboard mag separator, manual, warranty card, and ESPECIALLY the test target. GB often has ones that claim "NIB" or "complete" and rarely actually are when the seller is questioned, and usually are advertised with almost purposely blurred pics so scratches can't be seen, or only one side of the article shown. A 9x21 model a month ago went for $1,025 without the test target, but those a rare. I wouldn't pay more than $700 for an extremely clean used example with all the above in 9x19, and if a truly "NIB" surfaced as complete would have to think to go more than $800. I was prepared to go $1,500 for the 9x21 but dropped out when the seller admitted it didn't have the test target when his ad said "complete". There was one posted here the other day for over $900 claiming "NIB", again with blurred pics of only one side, which is to high in my opinion.

VP70Z's will forever get bashed by everyone, including expert insiders but if you have owned and relied on one they become a worthy and trusted friend. I've stated this a lot but if you had one "back in the day", you had one heckuva gun over ther others commonly found, and it made quite a statement, regardless of the "dreaded and horrendous trigger pull".
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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