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VP9 $499

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My local gun shop posted this on Facebook today. I have no affiliation other than I've bought a lot of guns from them and they are great people to deal with
"ARE YOU OUTTA YOUR MIND... $499 ...FOR A VP9!?" :)

That's right everyone you read that correctly! Harvey's Pistol & Pawn in Knoxville, TN just got a huge shipment in and is offering you a Heckler & Koch VP9 Lumi 9mm for $499.99

There will be 3% added to purchases with a credit card. Our 10% down, 10-month no-extra-charge Marriage-Saver (TM) layaway plan is here for you if it helps and it will be $519.99 if you decide you would like to use it! Also, we'll ship this handgun to any licensed firearms dealer in the U.S. for $30 and our layaway is available to all whether you are a Tennessee resident or not!

Remember, also, that picking up one of these gets you in the running for either 1 or 5 brand new ARs to be given away the day after election day depending on who wins the election!! :D

You gotta call us fast at 865.851.6100 with credit card and lock up your deal before we sell out!!... or just Come See Us! :) ~Aundreya

Harvey's Pistol & Pawn is a federally licensed firearms dealer in Knoxville, TN, (license # 1-62-093-02-6K-07419 Expire Date October 1, 2019).

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