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VP9 FDE Range Report (First 280 Rounds)

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Hello, all. First post here on HKPro forums. So, last week I purchased a Flat Dark Earth (FDE) VP9 with factory installed night sights. I've been to the range 2 times now and put exactly 280 rounds.

Ammunition used both range trips: 124gr German Military MEN; Sellier and Bellot 115gr.

Purchased handgun, brand new, in the box. Took it home and cleaned it (used Breakthrough Clean solvent and High Purity Oil), as per the owners manual instructions. Default (medium) backstrap and side panels, as per the factory installation.

Range Session 1:
Number of rounds fired: 190
Shot Failures: 0
A few "slide not locking back on final round"

VP9 shot beautifully only about 4 slide not lock back on final round. I checked by thumbs (I shoot thumbs forward) and my strong hand thumb wasn't resting on the slide stop, but I believe my support and lower thumb "palm meat" was leaning against the slide stop.

Before I went to the second range session, I replaced the medium side panels with the large panels, leaving the default (medium) backstrap in place.

Range Session 2:
Number of rounds fired: 90
Shot Failures: 0
NO slide locking back

VP9 Shot perfect (see attached 15 and 20 feet shot placements). So, for me, adding the large side panels (giving more girth) to the grip kept my support hand from periodically touching the slide stop.

I wanted to post this report so others that have/will experience an occasional "slide not locking back" may have some info to consider. I know there are lots of posts on this and other forums where people complain about the "slide not locking back". Again, this is my experience only and I'm not trying to argue against another perceived experience.

So, in the end, great gun and can't wait to keep taking it to the range!

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