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I have had polymer framed, striker fired pistols in the past, but have never been overly impressed with any of them. The H&K has the most comfortable grip of any I have held/shot. The trigger is pretty nice, not exactly 1911'ish, but very nice for a striker fired pistol. The factory night sights (scored the LE model) needed to be knocked to the right a bit, no big deal. Now it shoots where I point it. I was only able to put 200 rounds through it Monday (without incident), so another 3-400 and I think I'm going to make it my carry pistol. I may even try it out in USPSA Production division, once I get a few more mags for it. I did find out that it prefers most bullet types except hard cast lead. They were all over the target. The jacketed/coated/plated bullets all did very well. It is accurate, has a very decent trigger, feel great in the hand, what more could you ask for?
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