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VP9 Grip Panel Change

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Bought a VP9 recently, the gray (blue) version. Shoots great on a slower pace.
When picking up the pace I found that I was always recovering the front sight
coming from the left.

Quite confounding as I haven't had this issue with my Glocks. When I had a
moment at the house I slowly pulled the trigger and noticed that the geometry
of my trigger pull was pushing the gun to the left.

I remembered someone posting that they had a similar problem and changed the
grip panels out, I think large one in the rear and the right side of the gun.

I did likewise, changing to the larger panels which I didn't care for how they felt, but
the problem was solved. The VP9 tracks perfectly now having to track the front sight
coming from a vertical plane.

Thanks for the help to whoever the poster was. Dead nuts on with fast follow ups now.
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Interesting. I may try that. Thanks for sharing!
Interesting. I may try that on mine as well.
Good to know, my VP9 is deadly accurate with Heine sights, but may give it a try.
I have the same issue- the front sight moves from right to left when the striker is released. Might give this a try.
Strange how this happens but I also feel that a rounded or narrower trigger may help to get a better finger placement. Another issue is the ultra wide trigger guard.
Narrowing that may prevent a right to left push from trigger finger.

But so far the larger grip panel seems to have helped quite a bit.
When you put on the larger back panel, you increase the length of trigger reach, which makes your gun more glock like. I have a
Sig 226 E2 with an extremely short reach in single action which I have a helluva time shooting consistently with.
On my VP9(gray),I use the medium panel on the right,small panel on the left and the small back strap.Perfect fit!!
This is interesting. I tried to put the small back strap on with the medium side panels and it didn't seem to fit. I'll give it another try.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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