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Vp9 issue after ultra match spring install.

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Hello everyone! New HK owner here. I've had this handgun for a couple of months now and have around 300 rounds through it (not very many). Decided to install the ultra match spring set since my VP had a somewhat heavy gritty trigger pull.

After the install I noticed the trigger had improved quite a bit. But now when I try to remove the slide I have to drop the striker in order to do so which doesn't seem right at all. I can't force the slide off because it appears something is catching the striker. Looks like it is trying to pull the cocking indicator out of the back of the slide.

Has anyone run into this before?
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I'm hoping that's the case and I didn't screw something up in the process.

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This is not normal. Can you post some pictures? Something's not put back together right.
Yup. Let me get back home and take it apart. Just a picture of the frame? Or completely disassembled?
Message Marine0303 on this site. He is an HK certified armourer, he should be able to help you..
I'll try and get in touch. Thank you!

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Check this spot right here. On the factory TRS, this point on the trigger bar sits just slightly under the rail. If you press your trigger nice and slow with the slide removed, you can see the trigger bar move rearward, slightly upward, then back down and rearward again. With the TRS in my gun (and especially now with the Lobos trigger), that point on my trigger bar sat just a touch behind the rear of that rail, which raised the trigger bar slightly, enough to engage the sear when removing the slide. I just got used to it.
I see exactly what you're saying. Never noticed that before. It may just be my eyes playing tricks on me, but it looks like that small point has a little bit of wear to it as well.
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