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Vp9 issue

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Hey guys, so I bought a VP9 last month and I've put 400 rounds through it in 2 trips to the range. After the first trip the take up in the trigger feels pretty gritty. I tried throwing some lube at it and it didn't seem to help. I'm assuming it got dirty some how and I'm not sure how I can best clean it.
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There's a great thread here on how to detail strip the VP9:

I'd recommend stripping it down to whatever level you are comfortable doing and might as well polish the "hump" on the disconnector while you're in there. I have found that the VP9 runs best nearly dry, it doesn't need to have a lot of lube in it. Especially with all of the little springs and recesses in the frame, there are a lot of places for excess lube to collect and gather grit. The first time I stripped mine completely down to install the Lobos trigger after several thousand rounds, I was amazed and how dirty some of the deep down internal parts were. Now I detail strip it every couple thousand rounds, check everything over, clean, etc.

Also, everything will smooth out with more rounds as well, couple thousands and you're just getting started.
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