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Vp9 questions

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So this is my first firearm ever! Only used about 300 rounds so far and I do clean as thorough as I can after each outing. Few days ago after some inspections I noticed this brown discoloration around the welding points. Not sure if it's "normal" wear from firing, or normal for HK to have these brown coloring. Please let me know what your opinions are on this subject. Would like to know if it's a safety hazard or durability concern for later down the road. Thanks!


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Both my VP9s have that same discoloration, which is obviously from the welding process. Just shoot it and enjoy as there is nothing wrong with your VP.

I do clean my guns after each range session, but it isn't necessary. I have in the past, when I was pressed for time, just let them go for hundreds of rounds with no ill effects.

"As thorough as I can" really shouldn't mean any more than breaking it into its field stripped components and giving those parts a quick going over with your favored cleaners/lubricants. As an example, I don't scrub my bore with a snake or bore brush every time. I do that after several hundred rounds and then do a good job of it. However, I do run a Hoppe's or Butch's soaked patch through the bore and let sit while I clean the rest of the parts.

Cleaning chemicals, tools and procedures can be a highly debated subject that no one can absolutely win. Cleaning your VP should not be made into a chore, instead make it just another interesting part of shooting and gun ownership.

Congratulations on your VP9. Great choice.
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