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New to the forum, relatively new to shooting, yet newer to gun ownership, and my first (and bloody likely not my last...) major purchase is my ever-so-lovely VP9. That said, I'm in love with this new gun, it's wonderful, and I'm not likely to get bored with it, but, as with any new lover, sometimes you want to shop for some interesting undergarments for them, because they look like they could be a lot of fun.

But it brings me to a bit of a dilemma, and some questions to which I can't readily find answers.

The proverbial stripper boot to this whole thing is the quick-detach match weight. It looks good, it does what it's meant to, in theory (the mechanics of the thing seem sound, and it should lessen muzzle flip when shooting with my palsied off-hand), and it can accept both threaded and un-threaded barrels, but, given that I want to eventually dive into making this a suppressor host, or adding a flash hider, I haven't been able to suss out the clearances, or if you can have anything on the threaded barrel beyond the protector cap while using it.

The more "interesting underwear" side of things is the ever-eternal "to extended mag, or not to extended mag?" I know HKparts has the kits to change over, and the change seems like a simple parts swap, but does anyone know if there are any major reliability issues that might come with doubling up on the magazine capacity? I shoot for fun, and will stick with a couple of factory standard mags for the sake of not having to worry about it, but time on the range spent swapping magazines is time spent not putting holes in targets. I was wondering if anyone might have any thoughts or experience with regard to that?
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