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I'm simply making this thread to document the upgrade that I'm working on. Anyone else who has done this, feel free to report your findings

I bought the VP9 15 round to 17 round conversion kit since I have some of the 15 round mags. I took the 15 round spring out of the 15 round mag, put it in the 13 round mag with the new style follower and baseplate. So the result of this is that my 13 round extended mags now have 15 round capacity, ultimately making this about the same as the Glock 19, with the only downsides being:

1) that we're using an extended mag. The mag doesnt drop as freely as a flush fitting one would
2) The new style follower just kind of sits on top of the spring. I think I can change this, but i would need pliers to make a permanent change to the form of the spring, and I want to test how well this feeds before doing that. We can't simply use the 17 round spring, that would be too much spring and you would probably only get 14 rounds. a 13 round spring would work, but since its only rated for 13 rounds, I suspect itll degrade over time. I wanted to use a 15 round spring for 15 rounds, and I can get all the rounds in just fine with the slighter larger spring.

I dont currently have any 9mm FMJ to shoot with, so I can't test it just yet. but I will report back my findings, if anyone else has any experience doing this, let me know your results and your opinions. I wont be carrying this until I get at least 500 rounds through it with 0 malfunctions
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