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Wait for an MR762 or buy a Scar 17s now?

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Ok- I have seen the raging debaters go wild on the MR762 thread below and I do not want to make this a SCAR 17 vs. MR762 thread.

I need some advice for buying my next gun and I may end of buying both of these weapons.

I currently have:
LWRC REPR 18"- using it with 2.5X10 NF scope- 800m longest range shots- but sticking to 600m and in for the most part.
HK MR556 with Trijicon TA-11 and RMR-500m and under
LWRC M6A3 6.8 with Trijicon ACOG for 6.8-500m and under- like the ballistics
LWRC PSD 5.56 8" with Aimpoint Micro, which I love- 300m and under

I use a AAC 762-SDN-6 with all of the above. I don't shoot the PSD suppressed very often because of the short barrel and the potential of baffle strikes etc.

I really like the ballistics of the .308 and want to add a true .308 battle rifle(DMR) to the collection with most likely an Aimpoint Micro... I want to be able engage targets quickly 300m and under, with the much better ballistics of the .308. The REPR does really well for longer distance work. I am sure the MR762 could do as well, but I already have the REPR.

So, for those who have or have shot a SCAR 17s... What are your thoughts as a true battle rifle vs. the MR762?I know the SCAR is quite a bit lighter, which right now is a big factor to me. Thanks in advance for your input.
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the SCAR 17 is very sweet, buddy of mine owns one. someone mentioned above about the mags but to be honest i think at first the HK will be hard to snag mags too.. they will both kinda suck in this aspect because they both use proprietary mags. If you really hard up on wanting the MR762 then I would wait, if you are still up in the air though I would just get the SCAR 17. I had the opportunity to get a SCAR 16 and I chose to wait until the MR556 came out because I wanted it that badly. My same buddy also has a SCAR 16 and its a good gun. If i find a great deal on one I think I would pick one up but my point is that I have not one regret about waiting and getting my MR556 it was worth the wait because its what i really wanted! I however with the MR762 am not as excited about it as I was the 556. i am about to be in the market for a .308 battle rifle but I have a couple of projects gun that need work/finishing before I commit to that choice. When i do get to that crossroad if the MR762 isnt released and out to mass market (not just 2 or 3 on GB going for 6K) i wont even second guess getting the SCAR 17. Its that little something different that I would love to add to my gun safe.. in FDE of course. but both would look great in 16 inch barrels in my opinion.
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