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Ok- I have seen the raging debaters go wild on the MR762 thread below and I do not want to make this a SCAR 17 vs. MR762 thread.

I need some advice for buying my next gun and I may end of buying both of these weapons.

I currently have:
LWRC REPR 18"- using it with 2.5X10 NF scope- 800m longest range shots- but sticking to 600m and in for the most part.
HK MR556 with Trijicon TA-11 and RMR-500m and under
LWRC M6A3 6.8 with Trijicon ACOG for 6.8-500m and under- like the ballistics
LWRC PSD 5.56 8" with Aimpoint Micro, which I love- 300m and under

I use a AAC 762-SDN-6 with all of the above. I don't shoot the PSD suppressed very often because of the short barrel and the potential of baffle strikes etc.

I really like the ballistics of the .308 and want to add a true .308 battle rifle(DMR) to the collection with most likely an Aimpoint Micro... I want to be able engage targets quickly 300m and under, with the much better ballistics of the .308. The REPR does really well for longer distance work. I am sure the MR762 could do as well, but I already have the REPR.

So, for those who have or have shot a SCAR 17s... What are your thoughts as a true battle rifle vs. the MR762?I know the SCAR is quite a bit lighter, which right now is a big factor to me. Thanks in advance for your input.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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