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We can learn from our mistakes

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Many years ago my first Hk was a NIB Stainless USP Compact 45.
Didn't shoot it well and got rid of it quickly :redface:
I've never forgiven myself for letting that SS Compact go.
Many Hks and much more experience latter I've decided to resolve this long standing mistake.
Just went shooting/carrying my NIB 2015 SS USP Compact yesterday - Woo Hoo!
Life is Good :biggrin:
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I like the thin mag floor plate. Did it come with that?
Barth can answer for today's USPc, but in the meantime I can say my 1998 came with one of each.

Everyone has their own preference. I prefer the pinkie extension because for my size hand the extra real estate give me a feeling of greater control during recoil, but I fully understand why others may prefer the reduced dimensions of the flat plate.
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Barth -- congrats on bringing your world back into alignment. :biggrin:

Allow me to suggest the one newer generation part that made my USPc 45 better: the HK45's larger magazine release. Easier to hit and broader so it isn't the almost-painful pressure point on the finger to actuate, but without being so big as to cause inadvertent mag drops. A drop-in replacement.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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