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I know what it is.... But what do the initials represent?

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DOA=Dead on Arrival.

DAO=Double Action Only.

The difference is that the LEM is the DAO group but with an internal hammer which is cocked when the slide cycles. This translates to a different pull.....not only is it lighter, but unlike a DAO which is one consistent pull all the way through the pull stroke, the LEM will have a noticeable increase in trigger resistance right at the end since you need to compress the last bit of the mainspring before the shot breaks. So, it bears more resemblance in pull characteristics to the SA triggers on HK USP/P/HK45 series instead of an plain jane DA pull (whether DAO or the DA of a DA/SA gun).

It also has a much shorter reset than a plain jane DAO, which resets almost fully forward towards the resting position.

The easiest way to think of how an LEM feels compared to regular DAO is to imagine an HK single action trigger but with a long initial takeup like the DA.
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