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Hello, new to the list as of a couple of days ago...i have been buying a few p7 psp and p7m8 models (HK sidearms) because of the buzz...anyway can you felllows tell me what holster brand do you reccommend for carry on the hip that rides high...i have bought 2 so far and dislike both of them. one is a uncle m... you know who...i don't mind spending 70.00 or 80.00 to get a nice leather one and lined on the inside...give me your feedback.


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Hi Gary and welcome to the fourm!! You have chosen some of HK's finest weapons!! For holsters I have always had great luck with ! They make a great product for a very reasonable price.

The holster you have described to me that they make is a Fist High Ride w/ FBI cant. It's an OSW and can come in Kydex, and hybrid of ultrasuade/ kydex in a safari print.They also make a holster called a close crop that is an excelent choice. Usually they get the holster out to you in a reasonable time frame. Unlike others that I have heard of on this forum. Also if you need a decent belt they have a great slection of them.

Happy & Safe Shooting!! Remember next time you go out to the range take along a friend who is new to shooting and teach them why it's so fun to do!! It's a lot easier to convert to unknowing weapon owner to our side of thinking!! TJ
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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