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what is the color on the usp ss

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what color is the top slide on the SS is it nickel plated??
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No. It's stainless steel, no plating.
Different date codes offer different degrees of finish of the stainless.

KG-KH Sometimes matte to a brushed satin
KH-AB Mostly brushed satin
AB-AE A very bright polished brushed stainless (not mirrored) especially the AE's
people at HK told me it was plated
I don't think so. Not anyone who actually worked at HK unless you were talking to the janitor. The USP has never been plated. Any plated jobs were done on refurbished (after market) police trade-ins and then sold off (and not by HK). You can cover a lot of blemishes with a coat of soft nickel, but HK never, ever, nickel plated any USP or USPC.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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