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what parts count

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looking into building a g3
wondering if some one has the list of 20 parts
with the items not in use high lighted or crossed off

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That is in the search also but here it is. This comes up often but it may be hard to find.
Imported parts count:

1. Frames, receivers, receiver casting, forgings, or stampings
2. Barrels
3. Barrel extensions
4. Mounting Blocks (trunnions)
5. Muzzle Attachments
6. Bolts
7. Bolt Carrier
8. Operating rods
9. Gas pistons (not used in HK 9x guns)
10. Trigger housings
11. Triggers
12. Hammers
13. Sears
14. Disconnectors (not in HK 9x guns)
15. Buttstocks
16. Pistol grips
17. Forearms, handguards
18. Magazine bodies
20. Floorplates

No more than 10 of these imported items can be used to build a firearm that would otherwise be banned from importation.

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Out of that list, here are the ones that are HK specific (THAT makes 17 total parts in the count. You are allowed ten. If 7 of the parts are EITHER absent or US made, then you ARE in compliance.)

1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings
or stampings
(2) Barrels
(3) Mounting blocks (trunnions)
(4) Muzzle attachments (Muzzle brake)
(5) Bolts
(6) Bolt carriers
(7) Operating rods (cocking handle)
(8) Trigger housings
(9) Triggers
(10) Hammers
(11) Sears
(12) Buttstocks
(13) Pistol grips
(14) Forearms, handguards
(15) Magazine bodies
(16) Followers
(17) Floorplates

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thank you all
i went in to search and type it in and found it
hk forum is a great place and there are so many helpful people here

so far i have
hammer , sear , fcg box , pistol grip , receiver , cocking handle

and buying a ptr handgaurd ,

i guess thats all i need

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