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What parts needed to X the LEM?

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My USPc .40 came as a LEM model.
I've gathered some parts to modify it a V1.
So far I've got one of BIG_CHRIS_304s
Match trigger kits as well as a compact Jet Funnel kit,
A V1 detent plate, control lever, hammer axel, and a sear.
And now from studying the stickies it looks like I still need a side plate and spring. Does this sound like the only part missing? and where can I obtain said parts?
Thanks, bamaboy
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There is no compact jet funnel kit unless the guy you bought it from modified a JF for you and I hope he did some mags too. And the match trigger will not fit the Compact unless you also do some modifying so I hope you know what you have gotten yourself in to.
In addition to the parts you mention about needing to get you will also need the sear complete, part no. 37, unless that is in the match trigger kit (I don't recall right now), but now you need to get out the Dremmel and belt sander and get to work unless someone already did the work for you. It is not a drop in procedure to make the JF or the match trigger kit work in the Compact.

sear complete
detent plate
hammer axle
control lever
side plate
side plate spring
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