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what size is the roll pin in the bolt head of mp5 clone

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so I was disassembling my brand spanking new ca-89/40 and when I pulled out the bolt/carrier assembly, one of my rollers went rolling across the floor.

I compared the assembly to my bobcat and this new one has the spring roller retainer but it has nothing to index or hold the spring in. upon further investigation, it looks as if the roll pin is missing. so the spring just slides from side to side, allowing the rollers to come out.

does anybody know what size roll pin is in there? and does it have to be made of ultra rare unobtainium?

also, once everything is assembled will this function correctly without the spring? is the spring there just to hold the rollers when the bolt head is out of the gun?

any help would be appreciated.
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The roll pin is p/n 200450, but unfortunately, not even the armorer's manual gives a size for that one. The description is simply "clamping sleeve".

You do not have to have the roll pin installed for it to function (the receiver keeps the rollers in the bolt head.. )

I ran my bobcat without hte roll pin for a while until I changed bolt heads

Take your bolt head to a local hardware store to size it up with a roll pin. Cut the pin to the proper length and install.

thanks guys, Im headed to the hardware store now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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