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What suppressor mount/adapter to use on a 3 lug barrel?

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Hi all,
Sorry to jump right in on my first post with a question,but hope you will bear with me.
I'm in South Africa, where a small batch of MP5 clones just landed. They are very, very scarce here, and therefore although I am very familiar with the H&K pistols, I am new to the MP5 (semi only allowed here unfortunately)
So my question is regarding fitting a suppressor. Here in SA, suppressors are completely paperwork needed at all. There are numerous manufacturers turning out mediocre to good variants that aren't too bad, and are cheap compared to the US. But probably not as advanced. Can get a decent one made for me, but mounting is the problem.
Now I could just thread my barrel, but don't want to go that route. I think it sounds good to have a suppressor made that will quickly release using the 3 lug barrel system.
However no-one makes any system that will QD onto the 3 lugs, as there are no examples here to work from.
And since suppressors are export controlled there in the USA, importing one is not an option (plus expensive)
So what I would like to know, is does anyone make an adapter that will slip on, and lock properly, onto the 3 lug barrel...that I can build into a suppressor as a mounting option.
Basically, I would get a gunsmith to permanently mount the adapter onto the suppressor.
I have seen a couple of things online that seem as though they would have worked, but all seem out of stock or not available.
I have even considered purchasing one of the 3 lug flash hiders, and then cutting off the end and mating it to a suppressor. Could thread it and screw it into the suppressor. But not sure how straight and true those flash hiders are where alignment is critical.
So does anyone know of an adapter that is both available, and will be tight/straight enough to work for this purpose? Would be carefully mounted to be straight and secure, but the adapter would have to do its job well.

Would really appreciate any advice from the experts here, and thank you in advance.

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Thanks for that info. The SWR Manufacturing 3 lug mount looks ideal for what I want to do. However I don't see mounts listed on their website, would have to contact them and see if they can supply. Then to convince them to ship one to South Africa :wink:
I sell H&K pistols all day long, but the rifles and carbines are new to us.
Some good info in those links, thanks. Any similar info on other mounts would be great. Schematics are fantastic....but a bit complicated to have machined here unless I want to pay big $$$$$'s.
Wonder if it's worth advertising in the relevant section to see if anyone went threaded and wants to sell a 3 lug mount?

Gemtech makes a 3-lug mount for their multi-mount can. If you could get one of those, then your local builder can make the can match that threading.

The plus would be you could get other mounts and re-use the can on other 9mm firearms.
+1 for Gemtech. I don't know about what would be involved in exporting a 3-lug mount, but I'd call Phillip (Dr. Dater) at (208) 938-2173 here in the US. He would know what Gemtech had in stock for 3-lug mounts. The website only lists the 3-lug adapter for their Multimount can. I bought a 3-lug adapter for a used MK9K can that originally had a thread mount. The MK9K mount is different from the Multimount 3-lug mount as the MK9K is much heavier can. Give him a call.

My understanding is there aren't any restriction on suppressors in Europe. You might have an easier time getting a 3-lug mount through a European source. My understanding is there is a restriction because of US law on importing and exporting firearm parts. Purchase of a 3-lug mount is not restricted within the US, but I'm not sure about exportation. Since suppressors are not restricted in Europe, you might be able to get a mount shipped direct to you in SA. Good luck with your 3-lug mount project.


P.S.The factory flash hider would be a very poor mount for a suppressor. The hole the the muzzle goes into is not very tight. It is fine for a flash hider but a suppressor needs much closer tolerances. There is a balancing act with the baffles. The tighter the hole in the baffle, the harder for the supersonic gas/sound to get out of the can. Of course the tighter the hole, the more likely to have a baffle strike. Gemtech used to make a 3-lug flash hider that was made from the older style of 3-lug mount. I no longer see the flash hider listed. You might ask if there was one or two left in stock. It might be easier to export a flash hider than a suppressor mount.
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Did not find any cross sectional view or photos of the mounts. Now the other option is find one of the HK's with the threaded and three lug barrels (Navy model) .....
Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. Some great info there.
Can't find a decent source of the mounts in Europe, seems they prefer to sell suppressors complete. But will keep looking. They are also double the US prices.
The 3 that seem to be the main ones are the Gemtech multimount adapter, Evolution Triad and SWR Trident adapters/mounts.
Assuming you could choose between any of those 3, are there any opinions whether any of them is better than the others? Thread is irrellevant, as the suppresor will be made to match. I guess the mount isn't critical, but is there any quality difference at all?

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