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When does an HK look like a Hi-Point???

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Post #69.

I did a massive double-take. Hi-Points are all blow backs, and of course have massive slides as a result. I endure handling dozens of the things every month, so I know a lot more about them than I care to.

But the perspective in that photo is bizarre, to say the least...

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I looked at post 69 and maybe I'm missing it. Are you just taking about the goofy angle the first picture was taken at?

ETA that post 74 made me more than a little jealous.
yesterday a vendor had a vp70z mixed in with some highpoints in a consignment case. at a quick glace those two gun looks similar.
Did you offer him $75 for his "Highpoint"?
Sitting here confused, and wandering.
Glad I'm not the only one. This is like one of those "when you see it you'll freak" pictures but I don't see it.
I was indeed referring to the angle the photo was taken at. The huge slides are a prominent feature of Hi-Point pistols.

To me, the angle of that photo makes the slide look out-of-proportion larger than it really is.

Got it.
I vote to get rid of that picture from our memories......2nd? IMO nothing appears modified. The dust cover looks like that on all USP45C pistols. I really hate Hi-Point crap. However, if you need a boat anchor, book ends or a door stop there you go.

I can't tell you how many Hi-Points (Lorcin & Jennings as well) we took off of the streets back when I was in Patrol. Out of all the subjects w/ handguns I dealt with only a handful possessed quality guns.
In a weird way that's somewhat comforting to me. Obviously nobody wants to or should have to deal with an armed criminal but if I were to get in a gunfight I only hope it's against a Hi-Point.
Well, better shoot first. Because odds are the bad guy's HiPoint will work just fine.
I agree completely.
Yeah. . . what he said!
I was going to explain it too but I thought that was like common knowledge and stuff. Duh.
Just kidding. Good explanation.
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