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Where to find GOOD info...

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Hey. Another FNG here...

I'm not a collector, gamer, builder, survivalist, nor anything else.

I'm just a guy who liked the G3 I was assigned to back in the 80's and finally bought a clone that shoots as accurately as I remember.

But I really don't know any of the quirks that might make my gun fail.

I didn't know anything about bolt/carrier spacing until the day before yesterday.

I'm also dirt poor and not into tacticool add-ons.

I'm having some issues parsing out critical information from general forum talk.

Is there a "sticky" or other link that will basically give me a concise "armorer level" set of details on what is necessary to keep Erma in fighting trim?

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Here is what you should have

Armorer's manual (free online, download and print out)

Full set of spare small parts.. German if you can swing them. I posted a rough list recently if you go back into my posts

Feeler gauge set.. the flat kind that used to be used to check points gap on motors. Auto parts stores have them. Checking bolt gap is easy (you should keep a log with rds fired and gap at that point) and there are many threads here on that.. use the search feature

The Issue G3 cleaning kit is compact and a great field cleaning kit, and currently cheap.. I have several spares and they work on other .30 cal rifles, too

For me an Eotech holo sight is an essential if you ever think you will see any sort of real combat.. I am dead nuts accurate with irons and the first thing i do with any gun is sight in the irons, BUT a good holo speeds up target acquisition and response time by a significant margin, especially under stress and in low light scenarios

At the least get an inexpensive Trijicon tritium front sight post, all of my rifles that can take one have one..
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