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Where to find Hensholds cams for 556?

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Where do I find a bullet drop elevation knob for the Hensholdt scopes?

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Thanks for the website, but I don't speak German. This presents a bit of an issue. I sent them an email in English, I guess I'll see if they respond.

Any other suggestions?
I saw a auction on GB forthese scopes and one seller had both cams with his. It may be worth a search and send the seller a message ( .02 )
No answer to my email.

Thanks for the lead anyways.
You could always try Zeiss to see if they can help you. It's Zeiss who made your scope anyway.
Email sent to Zeiss. Wonder if they will respond?
Email sent to Zeiss. Wonder if they will respond?
No response.

I looked around last year, emailed some folks and struck out. If you search you will find there was someone here a few years ago that had a source for them, he emailed me back and had none.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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