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Where to find replacement black plastic "Buttpad" for the HK-91/93 fixed stocks??

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Where to find replacement black plastic "Buttpad" for the HK-91/93 fixed stocks??

Hi, I have both the HK-91 and the HK-93 rifles that I plan on having refinished within the next 2-3 months. Also, I'm going to replace the original stock parts with new ones since the original parts for both rifles have seen better days.

I've been able to locate most of the needed parts, minus the HK factory HARD black plastic "buttpads" that snap-on to the central stock piece, in new condition. I've only seen HK factory RUBBER buttpads, but not the original hard plastic ones... Yes, the rubber ones are nice, but not what I'm looking for at this time.

I've posted here a couple of times without any luck, so I'm hoping somebody here might know where I can find 2 "NEW" HK factory HARD black plastic buttpads.

If that's not possible, what about finding either a Portuguese, Greek, etc., one or are they harder to come by than a HK one?? Since both the Portuguese and Greek rifles were license built guns, I figure that there buttpads will be exact copies of the German ones.

If there is something else out there that is a exact copy of the original German made ones, please advise... I could be wrong, but the ones made by PTR appears to be rubber and not textured like the German ones.

Thanks for looking and for any advice!!
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