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Where to get original HK45 acc?

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The HK45 I have was such a good price because none of the accessories came with it. I don't have any of the grip panels, spare mags, intructions, box, or anything. Is there a place to obtain all the stuff the gun would have come with new?
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I would assume Hk-usa, or would be good start to check with.
hmm. well you can order the plastic cases on eBay or gun broker. ...

back straps on here's the link: HK 45 Parts just scroll down.. they are there, as well as mags.

You can also download the manual in .pdf form here: don't know where you can find an original hardcopy though.

Hope this helps.
HK Webstore has the best price on brand-new plastic pistol case - $11.75
Awesome info guys, thanks!
I knew Adam had bit's and pieces but didn't know I could download the manual or that HK had that excellent price on the case. This helps a bunch.
You can also download the manuals for most guns by going to HK website, then FAQ page.
You should be able to email or telephone HKI in Columbus GA and get a manual for free. It's a requirement of some Federal law that all manufacturers have to provide the manual on request. HKI is also the source of all HK parts in the USA. Secondary sellers get them from HKI too.

-- Chuck
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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