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Does anyone know where I could buy what I need or trade my LEM parts for v3 parts for my AF date code USPf? My local HK armorer is of no help.

I need:

hammer 214825
hammer axel 214774
trigger spring 214164
sear 214180
catch 214773
control lever 214352
v3/v4 detent plate 214254
detent slide 214105
compression spring 214104

Thanks for any help.

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Thanks, Miku.
I'm sure HK would do it but I'm trying to save money - I can handle the conversion anyway. I'm just looking for the parts.

Thanks for the info!

I thought so too ;) . I´m not sending my USP anywhere either unless it is broken in pieces.

I think that the parts are available from the Importer without the installation if the OPS2 don´t have all you need. I haven´t done business with the OPS2 but what I´ve heard it is good place to deal with.

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