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Where to purchase, re-loading supplies??

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I have a new H&K 10MM MP5 and can't seem to find a local to the Portland area place to get reloading components. Anyone know of a place??

Please reply to: [email protected]

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nortwest armory

they are on Mcloughlin 99e just South of Milwaukie

they do have reloading supplies but not the biggest selection but worth
a look lots of nice guns to look at

i sure they can order what you need as well they do special orders on ammo i know that .

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If you still need stuff, I would recommend Sportsman's Warehouse for the big equipment, primers, and the powder (to avoid shipping fees); Joe's (formally G.I. Joe's) is also a decent place to pick up powder and primers - the prices go back and forth between the two. I haven't found a "great" place for brass, most places have about the same prices there, but I could toss you a few online places for bullets; let me know if that intrests you. Thanks...and good luck.

I have not been reloading for very long but I have to buy components just like everyone else and, except for powder and primers (which I always purchase locally to avoid haze-mat fees), online sellers seem to be the way to go but you need to shop around.

And when shopping around, I feel that shipping must be added in to make it a fair comparison. You may find some bullets for $70 shipped. Another site charging $60 for these same bullets LOOKS great until you hit checkout and discover that it is $22.50 for shipping. Plus 3% for using a credit card.
But prices (and supply) change.
Here are some places to look that may not be on everyone's list:
(And always look for specials.) sure to add shipping. Mass quantities may be free. Precision Delta... I have not tried these yet but it is just a matter of time. Once you enter your Zip, prices shown will as shipped. Xtreme Bullets...? TJ Conevera...Good prices and shipping is included. Nosler... check out their 'specials' and watch the shipping! Dillon...May have a good deal now and then. Watch the shipping.

As far as primers and powder, Bi-Mart will have a sale 2 or 3 times a year, and Sportsman's Warehouse sells primers by the thousand. Don't think that you need a thousand primers? You will.
Brass is where I am reluctant to spend the big bucks. I figure that if I can reload them, do I need two thousand rounds sitting around with expensive brass when I rarely shoot 200 at a time. I can keep 500-1000 loaded and when I've gone through 300 or 400, fill them back up. Buying ammo on sale, shooting it, and then saving the brass is more fun than handing money to the guy at the gun show anyway.

Good luck!
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