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Which Cohaire Pistol 9mm or a .40

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Really on the fence on this one. The 40 cals are nice with the threaded BBL and bolt hold open, but I haven't seen many mags.

On the other hand, the 9mm is about as close to an MP5 as you'll get without going C2/C3. Not as many features, but cool all the same.

Please chime in, which one should I lean towards? I'm going to be selling my SW-5 carbine for one of these.
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I have a ca94 40 and you can get 30 round mags all over but thats all. If you needed a lower capacity mag you need to make a 30 rounder into say a 10 rounder by using rivets or such but the actual length of the mag stays the same. The bolt hold open is awesome! 40 hits harder on the target and the wallet. It comes down to you. You already have an SW5 might as well try the 40 right???
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