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Hello everyone!

I am particularly interested in military history and weapons. Certain HK weapons, like the MP5, are well known as popular weapons for certain military and law enforcement units. But which HK pistol has the best military credentials? In other words, which HK model has been most used by military forces?

I know the MK23 is strongly associated with special operations. But, from what information I can find, it appears that its employment may have been somewhat limited in numbers and in real world use. So, perhaps a version of the USP has been more widely used by some military or in combat? I'm not sure.

Thanks for the input!
The larger military users of HK pistols would include the German Army with the P8 (USP9), P10 (USP9C) and P12 (USP45T). In the US the largest single user is the CBP (Customs Border Patrol) with the P2000 and USP40C LEM but that is not a military organization. The MK23 pistol was fielded in numbers of less than 2500 units and was seldom employed due to its size.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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