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A 1962 vintage G3 registered by Fleming for $25K? Cut me some slack! It's over on Subguns. I wonder what he paid for it.

NFA Firearms Ads

And the seller is a dealer too. Be afraid my friends, be very afraid.
Saw that too. If I were even remotely interested, I would call and clarify what "registered by Fleming" actually means. It suggests on the face of it that Fleming is listed as the manufacturer.......but I guess it could also mean Fleming brought it in country Pre-68 (if Fleming was even doing business then) or even that Fleming's name is on the form as the transferor to this dealer. If Fleming is listed as the manufacturer, then it's a smelly fish.

Another interesting (to me at least) NFA ad on Subguns a littler futher down (# 20177) lists a Vollmer HK51 sear gun that's now magically a "pistol" because the sear was removed and the stock replaced with a "professionally made" buttplug. It doesn't state if it was built on an HK91 or Port receiver, but either way pistol configured .308 guns didn't exist back when Vollmer was building them.
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