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who in MO has both a benelli m4 and an hk sl8-6?????

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hey guys,

I have a sort of odd request here. looking for someone in MO who owns both a benelli m4 and an hk sl8-6. i have both these guns and i am looking for someone who's familiar with/shot both of them. i am going to take mine out for their first test fire. i just want to eliminate the 0.01% chance that somehow i ****** something up in the reassembly and i end up damaging one of the guns. the manual on the benelli is especially worthless. was able to figure out how to put them back together, im not retarded, i have both guns put back together but i just want to be absolutely sure i didn't fail to hear a metallic click during the reassembly or something totally off the wall like that, and it ends up damaging such a nice shotgun/rifle.

im putting together a little shooting outing at my friends farm, we're gonna have a whole host of guns to shoot, including sbr krinkovs, colt m4, benelli m4 and sl8-6 of course, lots of ars, sig 556, mp5 with 16" bbl, and on and on and on. we own the farm so we can shoot whatever as fast as we want with no range fees. well bring lunch and should be a good time had by all. let me know if you are interested in going out shooting, and we can compare notes on your benelli m4 and sl8-6. heck go ahead and bring your benelli m4 and sl8-6 along with mine.


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or maybe if someone knows a dealer in MO who would actually be familiar with/has shot both of these rifles? i could give em $20 to give my rifles the once over?

im thinking maybe top gun in arnold mo might have sold/shot both of these guns.....if push comes to shove they might be able to help me out. any other suggestions or offers are appreciated tho.
thanks raptor

yeah from some pics i found...i got the sl8 reassembled 100%. im confident in that one. like a lot of guns you cant really put it together wrong. ive got that one down ok.

the benelli though, going to prefer some more instruction...especially the shell drop button???? on the right side? I dont see how this is used

my pistons were what i would call loose....they flopped around freely similar to the firing pin inside an ak bolt...although they had probably an inch or so of movement.

they are not secured with springs or anything. they are not loose in the sense that they can come out however. something is holding them in regardless of how you orient the barrel.

when i put the bbl into the receiver the manual says you are supposed to hear a click. i heard no click. it just is one piece of metal stopping when it reaches the designated point on the receiver. then you tighten up the nut on the end of the mag tube, and you're done.

the bolt carrier and bolt came already set up inside the receiver. all i had to do was shove the charging handle, a monolithic piece of metal, into the designated hole. it clicked into place. to get it out, I just pull hard???

the handgauards came together nicely.

honestly it is pretty easy to set up. i just hope the bbl is seated properly. it could not physically go into the receiver any further or rotate??? just curious.

i would probably like some hands on instruction on how to use the casing drop button and also how to go from semi auto to pump.
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i should add that once you secure the bbl on the receiver....the pistons do not rattle anymore. then they are tight no matter which way you orient the gun.
thanks raptor! awesome explanations. i get it now.

so to recap the shell drop button. basically if you want to fire normally and have the next shell automatically load into the chamber, then ignore the shell drop button.

if you want to swap in a specialty shell, just push in the shell drop button so the orange dot is not exposed. rack the bolt carrier back, extracting the live round. the next round in the mag will NOT be fed in.

you manually insert the specialty round you want to use. you let the bolt carrier slide forward. now you are ready to fire your specialty round.

i pretty much figured out the whole ar15 ish bolt carrier release button. the instructions were crappy but not that crappy! the bho feature is nice, makes it very ar15 ish.
how do you switch from semi auto to pump?
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