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Was wondering what is out there in price an quality between the mass produced C93 (with repairs) and Vector V93s for $1100 to $1200 and getting a German HK93 for $2500 +/-. The "HK"53 is well covered by the various custom and semi custom smiths, being one of the HK Host Holy Grails, however, do not see much of the larger HK93 clones listed, at least off the shelf. Also the don't known of any early ban era HK 93 models than one can just make 922r compliant get be all set to go for a few dollars less (or a 100% sear host w/o trigger pack).

In the past always ran a German host if it was with in a grand of the "non HK" option. Thus have HK91s and HK93 but the 53s are from Vector (V53P) and Mike (MM53), however, wondering what the options are for a nearly full size 223 host (33k or 93), hopefully with a 1 in 7 barrel and most likely an optics rail.

If one has to get it built from scratch, was wondering what the nominal cost is now days.

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