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Will a MR556 lower fit a 6.5 upper?

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If I spend the extra coin and commit to a hk am I married to a 5.56 setup our can I switch out uppers like a .50 beowulf for hammering hogs or a 6.5 grendel to ring the 600yd gong at the range? It's worth $500 extra to me for the hk logo on the lower if I can switch uppers. Thank you in advance for your help.
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Depending on the fit and the trigger group, it should be okay. I've shot my MR556 upper on the same lower that I use for my 6.5 Grendel without any issues...
Thank you for the reply. I don't know all the hr556 trigger groups so which one will work with a good quality upper, for instance an Alexander Arms? A lowers caliber is defined by the magazine I think but I may be wrong here. I an looking to buy an hk ar in the hope that it will be as versatile as a any generic custom build but with the outstanding hk quality. I'll mostly shoot 5.56 but I want the option to switch uppers. A match quality custom with another upper costs about the same as the mr 556. I'm ok with the fact the hk costs more but for the cost I'm hoping for versatility. I hope this helps make my question alittle more clear. Btw I've seen a few threads where owners have switched hk uppers to other makes of lowers but that isn't helping much. I hope I've intrigued you guys and I look forward to your replies. Thank you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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