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As mentioned in a few other threads I am considering a USP compact tactical (among other weapons) as my next purchase. If I get the Compact Tac I will be initially switching the stock sights to the standard size USP night sights so they fit in my current holsters. I dont have a can and probably wont for some time (the front sight is the problem since I have Milt Sparks holsters the tolerances are to close to use the stock uspct sights). I am assuming I would want to use the standard meprolight USP Compact night sights, to achieve the standard height of the front sight on the base USP Compact models? They sell Meprolight night sights for the USP Tac models, but I am assuming they will be as high as the stock Tac sights?

Anyone have an answer...will the standard meprolight USP Compact sights even fit on a compact Tac model?
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