WITHDRAWN as of 11/27/21
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If this doesn't sell by Thanksgiving, I will be withdrawing this and sending it to Tom myself for a full build. Wanted to offer it to the community for a brief period of time but ive reduced my price to bottom dollar and if no takers, I will finish the project.

This is a ready to go G36C build, just send to Tom, pay the feds and voila an all german G36C
Piston gas rings & recoil assembly were replaced.

HK SL8 barreled receiver
HK SL8 bolt carrier
HK G36 Bolt
HK G36 extended mag release
HK G36C Stock w/ Stub
HK G36C complete front end
HK G36C Handguard with bottom rail.
HK G36C Top sight rail
HK G36 0,1 housing and FCG complete
HK G36 magwell

This is everything you need to have a complete German G36C

asking price is delivered via FedEx.
Ins. Extra.

Hand Musical instrument accessory Gesture Finger Automotive exterior

Webbing Sleeve Everyday carry Trigger Material property

Air gun Trigger Shotgun Gun barrel Material property