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hi all

ok quick explaination,

im from the U.K so pretty much anything gun shaped is either heavily restricted or outright banned, the only way to own is deactivated ones or airsoft ( err no to airsoft ) so i used to own a few deactivated ones my last being a hk33 before i sold them all on.

my question is the person i sold them all to has asked me if i know anywhere i could locate a right side selector switch for the hk33 as when it was deactivated it was damaged and just glued back on!! now it has come off in 2 parts and he wants to get a new one for it but i can neither find one in europe and all businesses in the u.s wont internationally ship. does anyone know if its just shop policy or are they restricted and im wasting my time asking anybody

it is only the right side needed so its just a selector arm/switch required. if anyone is unsure what part im asking about let me know i will try and post a picture

many thanks for all your time

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