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Looking for some used/blem/take-off or even rough parts. Not looking for mint/new/collectible/pristine German stuff.

-MP5K Cocking Tube/Support

-9mm Bolt Head and Locking Piece

-End Cap for front sight

-OD green grip for metal housing

Thanks for looking, have "stuff" available as well.

Again would prefer to get some well used, or "less than desirable" parts for this. Its for a clone project, nothing authentic or special.

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I have a so-so G3 front sight that has been reamed to fit an MP5 and a used sling pin (will required welding for installation). You are welcome to them both for FREE + $7.00 shipping.

I also have an original HK9x extended mag release button that negates the need for the contact piece if you are not using a paddle. You can have that as well.

Message me with your address if you would like them and indicate which items you want.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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