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WTB or Trade For: HK416/MR556 10" Vented Gas Block, Geissele HK416 SMR 10.5" DDC

Looking to buy, or potentially trade for:

HK416 10" Vented Gas Block or equivalent--

I am looking for any type, it can be an HKParts gas block, original German, or even an MR556 gas block that has been modified with the small, 10" barrel porting/venting if someone has a modified one that they maybe replaced with a 416 gas block.

New or used accepted, not super worried about cosmetic dings, paint, etc. Would prefer a gas block with sling mounts removed, but I'm not picky.

Also looking for:

Geissele HK416 SMR 10.5" in DDC/Sand--

Again, almost any condition will do, new or used, as long as it's functional. Only caveat is that I am only interested in an older model with five (5) smaller cooling holes along the top row (1 o'clock and 11 o'clock), I am not interested in the current production version with four (4) cooling holes in that position.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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