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WTB SL8-6 and SIG 553 pistol

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Still looking for an SL-8!

If you have one for sale or know someone please let me know.

Thank you

Edit*** found the 553.
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JDI has yet to get anything in the country as far as firearms so be careful... I noticed all the 553s on GB are gone now but not necessarily sold. I see several sellers pulled them from sale, I suppose to relist after the election. You could look at ended auctions on there and try to contact those sellers. Otherwise, ratworx is out of them. There is one seller on GB that has a really good deal on Sig 553 20rd magazines (10 for $400). If you are serious about a 553 I would snap those up, I know I've bought 20 of them to supplement my stash. Also, there is a SIG 551/553 group on facebook, you might try asking there. Good luck on both items!
Did you buy that one from Gunbroker? That was a good deal.
That was a decent deal. Those have dried up totally. I looked everywhere to get one of those bayonets and ended up having one shipped from Switzerland. Plus it had the original Swiss sling. You will like it, mine is a great shooter.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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