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Want to buy some flashlights in no particular order of priority. I collect flashlights and won't be interested in buying a package with guns.

Looking for:
- SureFire 328/628LMF. With the permanent on/off switch and SureFire logo on the left side. Does not need to be a LED head, but it must be in good cosmetic and working condition.
- SureFire 609R/309R. For an HK USP. Good working and cosmetic condition.
- SureFire 338/638 for H&K P7. There is one for sale on eBay. A bit pricey. Hoping for more sensible offer here.

I'm always looking to expand my collection, so if you have any old HK SureFire lights laying around, or collecting dust in the closet, let me know. I might just be interested.

Payment via PayPal.
Shipping to Missouri.
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